Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shopkick App

I want to share with you one of the simple ways that I help my family save money.  A friend introduced me to a FREE app called "Shopkicks".  It's such a terrific money saving app and I want everyone to know about it!
What is Shopkicks?
Shopkicks is a shopping rewards program that is actually very rewarding and the best part.. You don't have to spend any money!!  You get to do what you already do, which is walk around stores you love such as Target, Macy's Old Navy, Best Buy, etc.

How does it work?
You simply open up the app before walking into select stores such as Target, Walmart, etc and  you earn walk in "kicks".  This means you earn free kicks just for entering the store, which you were already doing in the first place!  You also can earn "kicks" by scanning items in the store.  This is what my girls like to refer the treasure hunt because you walk through the store trying to find the different items to scan for the day.  When you find the item, you scan it through the app and instantly earn kicks.

How does using this app save me money?
When you have earned enough "kicks" you can select your reward gift card.  They have a variety of gift cards available such as Target, Starbucks,  TJ Maxx, Old Navy, iTunes, Best Buy, etc...  I have saved money for my family by earning Target gift cards and using it for groceries, school supplies, gifts, etc.

A little bit more info...
What I love about using this app is that I'm already shopping at these stores.  It's fun to search for the products and earn kicks because its fun and free & I'm spending time with my family doing it.  I have been using the app for a little less than a year and have already earned $150 in FREE gift cards.  It's simply, easy, and fun!  Please click on my referral link and earn 50 kicks for signing up.   :)

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